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Talk With Me was first conceptualised by the Callaghan Innovation Assistive Devices team, led by Swati Gupta, Principal Research Scientist, where end-user testing that provided proof-of-concept for the technology in 2015-2016. Recognising the potential of Talk with Me, Swati, with support from Callaghan InnovationKiwinet, and the organisations noted below, invested time and energy to develop Talk With Me as a valuable resource for parents and educators to help children with autism learn social interaction skills. Thereafter Swati founded Inclusys to develop Talk With Me further and make it accessible to people.

Inclusys is now based out of Auckland, New Zealand and Delhi NCR, India.

We sincerely thank all these wonderful organisations that have helped us at various stages of our journey


Talk With Me includes the visual support symbols belonging to the Smarty Symbols image library, with all rights reserved to Smarty Symbols, LLC. Talk With Me also includes the Mulberry Symbol set. Go to and to check out their amazing work.

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