Talk With Me enables learners with special needs to have reciprocal conversations with a partner. Each sentence in a conversation is represented by a series of images, allowing learners to experience the conversation in image, text and sound. It is suitable for learners with all verbal abilities.​



Talk With Me inculcates play based learning. Level up your game as you play through the conversations.


Talk With Me aids learning of

  • a variety of topics like greeting people, discussing likes and dislikes, and learning routines.

  • language skills, thinking skills and social skills.



Have conversations about your personal life; e.g. talking about your pet, planning for a trip, or preparing to receive a guest!

Talk With Me provides you with an easy to use interface to create your own conversations from scratch. All you need to do is type in the sentences and Talk With Me does the rest: split the sentence into meaningful chunks and attach an appropriate image to represent that chunk.