Meet the core team

Swati Gupta

Founder & CEO

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The woman behind the app, Swati is

 My passion for neurodiversity emerged from my quest to understand how the mind works.

Abhishek Singh


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Abhishek is all about tech! Recently his enthusiasm has diversified to special needs.

He's a great leg-spinner, he says, but we assure you the jury is still out on that!

Uma Krishnan

Child Psychologist

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I've been working with neurodiverse children for the last 14 years and I find it highly fascinating to know the way autistic children see and understand the world. I like to create tools and resources to help them develop skills for an independent life.

Gaurav Sharma

Director, Outreach & Partnerships

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What brought Gaurav here is his work as a journalist around advocacy for diversity and inclusion. He's your relationship manager at Talk With Me.

Let us warn you of his obsession for summarising every conversation!

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