A fully customisable app to build social skills in autism

Verbalisation         Attention         Listening         Cooperation         Turn-taking         Emotions         Sharing         Self care         Routines

Questioning         Answering         Starting conversation         Staying on topic         Voluntary eye contact         Greeting         Empathy      

What is Talk With Me?

World's first app that has been proven to get learners with autism comfortable with having proactive conversations with other people, irrespective of their social skills.


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Talk With Me makes the world a more inclusive place for autistic people by accepting that their abilities go beyond what we’re able to see and comprehend. We have used years of research to build a beautiful product that helps them open up to the world and connect with others.

Parents and Daughter

Are you a parent?

Use Talk With Me app to:

  • Better understand your child's unique mind

  • Fulfil their growing needs

  • Help them interact socially with others

  • Connect with physically close as well as distant family and friends


Are you an educator?

Utilise the app's powerful features to:

  • Deepen the impact of your therapy

  • Unravel your students' strengths and help them reach their full potential

  • Integrate in tele-therapy

  • Collaborate with parents to generalise learning across contexts



Learn the back and forth flow of conversations by practicing conversation scripts with a partner​


Download from a wide variety of expert created conversations from our store. We are constantly creating new content, so you never run out of options!​


Talk With Me is fully customisable. Edit existing conversations; change text, use your own pictures, add/delete sentences​. Personalise app to the needs of your child.


Create your own conversations as per your need; prepare your child for a doctor's visit or talk about your pet!

What people say

“Skills learned while using the app were transferred to everyday life”

- a therapist

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